The Birdman (2015)

An old aviator fights to stay in the air.


An old aviator fights to stay in the air. At the age of 78, “Mami” Mihaita Nicolae intents to win for the 10th time the National Championship title of the Distance Gliding competition. Whether he wins or not, it will be a new record for aviation and one more armistice in his battle with time.


Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu, Mihai Grecea
With the participation of: Nicolae “Mami” Mihăiță
Producer: Alexandru Mavrodineanu, Mihai Grecea, Tudor Socea
HBO Romania Producers: Aurelian Nica, Gabriela Ceuță
HBO Europe Executive Producers: Carmen Harabagiu, Hanka Kastelicova
DoP: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Second Camera: Mihai Grecea
Aditional Camera: Paul Ticu
Editing: Eugen Kelemen
Assistent Editor: Vlad Murariu
Original Score: Marius Leftărache
Sound Design: Alexandru Mavrodineanu, Costin Dumitrache


Running time: 76 min.

Language: Romanian