Alma Film is an independent
film production company

A team of award-winning film makers.

Who We Are

We are a young and dedicated production company based in Bucharest. Throughout our experience together we melted into an efficient and creative team who is able to quickly adapt to any kind of situation.
From low budget to high end productions, our passion for storytelling never changes.

Our Team

Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Director & Producer

Born in Romania and raised in Germany, France and Italy, Alexandru is a film producer and director with a career spanning 15 years. He acts in the fiction and documentary scene with a clear aesthetic touch of realism and insight.

Marius Panduru

Marius is one of the most skilled and prolific cinematographers in Romania. His prestigious portfolio of short, advertisement and feature films goes beyond Europe, into the international scene.

Florentina Onea

Passionate and very experienced producer. Florentina was involved and responsible of several awarded national and international productions and co-productions.

Robert Cristian Bujor

Currently doing his master's degree in Film Production, Robert has a keen eye for developing original stories working as a producer in the industry.

Diana Octavia Roman

Diana's journey began with her as a dancer, personal development coach and actress. Lately, she transitioned to working behind the camera. As this turn-up its still new to her, the continuation of her journey is unknowingly fascinating.

Please contact our team for any kind of requests.