Oven Baked Apples (2006)


Matei, a fresh Architecture graduate, wakes up in his apartment one morning and realizes that his life needs a change. Plotting his first steps, he is surprised at how fast that change is at hand: right behind the door.


Public’s Award – Karovnale International Film Festival – Berlin, Germany, 2006


Director & Script: Alexandru Mavrodineanu

DoP: Marius Panduru

Assistant Director: Ciprian Panaite

Editing: Alexandru Mavrodineanu

Sound Design: Rasvan Dima

Set Design: Oana Panaite

Make-up and Costumes: Maria Trifu


Running time: 14 min.

Language: Romanian


Constantin Dita

Smaranda Ciceu

Vecinul – Marius Romascanu


The Film

Mere la cuptor / Oven backed apples from ALMAFILM on Vimeo.